What MacStrength Offers

Aaron McEachran's baseball journey has taken him all around the country, playing in numerous states through his experience in Division I college baseball, the Minor Leagues, and Independent ball. After his long professional career, he decided it was time to give back to the baseball community, so he started MacStrength MN. Based in Eden Prairie Minnesota, Mac spends his days helping kids pursue their baseball dreams, the same ones he had as an up and coming player. Mac prides himself on his love for the game and his unique ability to help players within their own game. He believes that every player is molded differently and he uses this when carving programs and drills for each of his players.

In one facility MacStrength provided all things a baseball player needs for development with their swing, strength training, and throwing program.......Mac does with hitters, pitchers and athletes what no other place in the state is doing.
— Kyle Chiriboga, University of St. Thomas