Private lessons allow for personal 1-on-1 sessions that are necessary to really hone in on your skills. Mac will have the opportunity to closely evaluate your mechanics and give personalized feedback tailored to your specific needs. With the whole facility at your disposal, you can work on any part of your game that needs attention. Lessons with Mac go beyond physical technique, addressing the much overlooked mental side of the game. Mac’s mental exercises and thought processes will give you an edge whether you’re riding a hot streak, trying to come out of a slump, or anywhere in between.


Mac is a hitter at heart, as a player he spent most of his time studying the art of the swing and developing himself. His special ability to throw front toss and process every portion of a players swing at the same time give him the ability to diagnose problems based on symptoms he notices. He then prescribes specific drills based on the problem sees. His unique drills allow his hitters to make real time adjustments without thinking. They are meant to allow the hitter to stay within their own swing and still make adjustments to get ahead of the game.


Mac wasn't a pitcher by trait but he is an information hoarder, and since starting MacStrength in 2014 he has amassed a great amount of pitching knowledge. He is a movement analyst and has a way of slowing down real time footage in his head to find flaws and areas for improvement. This allows him to help pitchers make timely adjustments that can aid them on the field right away.


As a first basemen, third baseman, and catcher, Mac has experience and knowledge when it comes to defensive play around the diamond. He combines specialized drills with mental tips to help players succeed defensively.